Vince Carter’s Game-Winning Reverse Dunk Against Raptors

Posted November 22, 2008 by meekah
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Vince Carter had a monstrous game last night agains the Toronto Raptors. VC dropped a season-high 39 points, grabbed 9 boards, and dished 6 assists on the night. There are probably 10 other NBA players who can score 39 points in a game (Bosh had 42 in the same game), but what separates the Carters and the Bryants from the crowd is timing. Great players step up to the plate and make shots when it counts. For example, one of Carter’s 39 points was a three-pointer at the end of regulation to send the game into overtime.  As if that wasn’t enough, he then stuffed a game-winning reverse alley-oop dunk as time expired in the extra period to give the Nets a 129-127 win over his old team, the Toronto Raptors. Vince is the man.


Eat the Head!

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This is what happens when you put Dwyane Wade and Charles Barkley in a Chinese restaurant and then call Yao for some advice. Yao says “Eat the head!”

Jenna Beardsley-Smith, a rep for the company that produced this ad, confirmed to us that no shrimp were actually harmed during the filming of the commercial.

Nuggets Dancer Leaves Announcer Breathless

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I’ve always wondered how basketball announcers manage to stay focused with half-naked dancers prancing around. Turns out announcers are human too and aren’t always able to keep a straight face. During a recent Denver Nuggets game, the announcer was left speechless by a pair of sexy boobies bouncing up and down in front of the camera. There’s a long pause by the announcer before he manages to catch his breath and musters. “A festive atmosphere here at the Pepsi center.” You can literally hear the announcer panting.

In case you’re wondering, that dancer’s name is Bridget. Here’s a pic to boot.


Throwback Slam Dunk: Jordan vs. Wilkins

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Michael Jordan vs. Dominique Wilkins. This had to be one of the greatest slam dunk contests of that era.

Tracy McGrady Injured Again, Vows to “Shut it down”

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We already knew Tracy McGrady has the back of an old lady and bionic shoulders. What we didn’t know was that his knees are held together with duct tape.

From the Houston Chronicle:

“My knee gave out on me,” McGrady said. “They told me if I was to go back in, and they saw me limping they were going to take me back out. I was like, “Well, that’s what you’re pretty much going to see. My knee is feeling right. I hate to do this, but I’m going to get an MRI tomorrow and until, further notice, I’m going to have to shut it down.”

“Tonight, I went back to square one, like before even surgery. I’ve always been feeling it, but tonight, before that particular play, I came up and it just gave out on me. I’ve been trying to work my way into playing shape and strengthen my leg. I’ve never been 100 percent. I’ve just been hoping playing on it would put me over the edge and I won’t have any more pain, but it hasn’t worked.”

Update:T-Mac ended up playing for the Rockets but he was barely there. With Yao sitting out an ankle injury and McGrady struggling, the over-hyped Rockets lost to Mavericks.

Courtside Show: Lady Cats

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When your team is the Charlotte Bobcats you’re probably not going to sell a million tickets every game. So, here’s a side attraction that’s sure to draw some fans to games. I give you Charlotte Bobcats dancers, the Lady Cats

lady-cats1ladycats lady-cats5lady-cats9lady-cats

Shaq Ejected for Throwing Stuckey on the Deck

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Detroit Pistons point guard Rodney Stuckey can probably tell Shaq how his palm tastes after running into the Big Cactus on a play last night. It looks like Shaq was going for the ball, but his size just proved too much for Stuckey. Shaq was ejected with 5:19 remaining in the second quarter of the Suns’ 106-84 victory after being called for a flagrant 2 foul. Meanwhile, Stuckey has just been nominated for his first Oscar.