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Courtside Show: Orlando Magic Dancers

February 7, 2009


Orlando Magic is the surprise team of the season. Going into the new season, no one could’ve imagined the Dwight Howard-led Magic being mentioned as NBA contenders, but all that changed when they proved themselves to be among the best. But it’s not just their game that keeps fans entertained. Their dancers also know just how to wow fans with some sexy moves. More Magic dancers pics after the jump. (more…)


Courtside Show: Rockets Power Dancers

November 23, 2008


Here’s one dance squad that truly lives up to its name. The Rockets Power Dancers are laced with more energy than the Energizer bunny indeed. They’re athletic and sexy too. Truth is, all these chicks probably wanted to become actresses before realizing that there aren’t many acting gigs in Houston to go around.

Check out more pictures of hot Houston Rockets dancers below. (more…)

Nuggets Dancer Leaves Announcer Breathless

November 21, 2008

I’ve always wondered how basketball announcers manage to stay focused with half-naked dancers prancing around. Turns out announcers are human too and aren’t always able to keep a straight face. During a recent Denver Nuggets game, the announcer was left speechless by a pair of sexy boobies bouncing up and down in front of the camera. There’s a long pause by the announcer before he manages to catch his breath and musters. “A festive atmosphere here at the Pepsi center.” You can literally hear the announcer panting.

In case you’re wondering, that dancer’s name is Bridget. Here’s a pic to boot.


Courtside Show: Lady Cats

November 18, 2008


When your team is the Charlotte Bobcats you’re probably not going to sell a million tickets every game. So, here’s a side attraction that’s sure to draw some fans to games. I give you Charlotte Bobcats dancers, the Lady Cats

lady-cats1ladycats lady-cats5lady-cats9lady-cats

Courtside Show: Laker Girls

November 4, 2008

Who’s the main point of attraction on the LA Lakers team? If you answered Kobe Bryant or KB24, you’re absolutely wrong. Nothing sells tickets to the Lake Show than boobs. More titillating photos of the Laker Girls below.

laker-girl3 laker-girl5 laker-girl7 lakergirl4