Tracy McGrady Injured Again, Vows to “Shut it down”


We already knew Tracy McGrady has the back of an old lady and bionic shoulders. What we didn’t know was that his knees are held together with duct tape.

From the Houston Chronicle:

“My knee gave out on me,” McGrady said. “They told me if I was to go back in, and they saw me limping they were going to take me back out. I was like, “Well, that’s what you’re pretty much going to see. My knee is feeling right. I hate to do this, but I’m going to get an MRI tomorrow and until, further notice, I’m going to have to shut it down.”

“Tonight, I went back to square one, like before even surgery. I’ve always been feeling it, but tonight, before that particular play, I came up and it just gave out on me. I’ve been trying to work my way into playing shape and strengthen my leg. I’ve never been 100 percent. I’ve just been hoping playing on it would put me over the edge and I won’t have any more pain, but it hasn’t worked.”

Update:T-Mac ended up playing for the Rockets but he was barely there. With Yao sitting out an ankle injury and McGrady struggling, the over-hyped Rockets lost to Mavericks.

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2 Comments on “Tracy McGrady Injured Again, Vows to “Shut it down””

  1. ditto Says:

    shiit i wouldn’t be able to broadcast too if i was that announcer.

  2. ditto Says:

    my bad meekah, i posted this wrong place

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