Shaq and Grant Hill Serious About Buying Magic

shaqshaunieThere have been widespread reports that Phoenix Suns teammates Grant Hill and Shaq (both Orlando residents) have expressed interest in purchasing their former NBA team, the Orlando Magic.

O’Neal told the Sacramento Bee,
“Yeah, it’s serious.” Hill added: “I think both of us have a lot of respect for the DeVos family. It remains to be seen whether they’ll sell the team. But if that were to happen, we’ve certainly talked amongst ourselves and talked amongst some potential investors, so we certainly could get it done.”

The response from Magic ownership? No dice.

“There will not be any for-sale sign on the Orlando Magic,” Magic President Bob Van der Weide definitively told me the other day. “Shaq and Grant are friends, and I appreciate the fact that they are looking ahead to their post-basketball careers, but we have just made a long-term commitment to the City of Orlando and are excited about the new venue and our team. We’re not only excited about this season, we’re excited about the many seasons we will have in Orlando. We want our kids to be involved with this team.”

Can you believe the nerve of these guys?

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One Comment on “Shaq and Grant Hill Serious About Buying Magic”

  1. Kareem Says:

    Not a bad idea. sheeit, whatever makes the money. I ain’t mad at you homey.

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