Is Lamar Odom Frustrated with Phil Jackson?


Kevin Ding at OC Register observes that Lamar Odom made his frustration known to coach Jackson at Lakers’ game against Pistons.

Says Kevin:

“Upon being yanked from the game by Jackson with 4:30 to play after committing consecutive frustration fouls, Odom reached the bench and gave a quick, dismissive wave with his left hand in Jackson’s direction. Odom immediately began unwinding the tape from his wrist and spent the rest of the game sulking, slumped back in his chair even when every other teammate on the bench leaned forward with hope during a brief Kobe Bryant-led Lakers surge.”

Correct me if I’m wrong and clueless, but I thought the main reason Big Phil stripped Odom of his starting role was to bolster the Lakers’ depth.

On a side note, Lakers fans crack me up sometimes. A.I. ruins their perfect record by handing them their first defeat of the season and everyone’s already throwing a fit. What, did they expect the Bryants to finish the season at 82-0? Defeat is a common language in sports, people. Grow up.

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2 Comments on “Is Lamar Odom Frustrated with Phil Jackson?”

  1. Kareem Says:

    Odom, go sit your 57-year old ass down please.

  2. Sid Says:

    Starter or Bench shouldn’t matter in team games. all that matters is winning.

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