2 Ejections, 3 Technical Fouls in Rockets – Suns Brawl (Ron Artest Not Involved)

You kids were probably asleep while the Rockets and Suns players went at it last night. Steve Nash, Shaquille O’Neal and Tracy McGrady all received technical fouls in the game between Houston and Phoenix. Suns’ Matt Barnes and Houston’s Rafer Alston were ejected after the two got into each other’s face in a brouhaha that involved about 7 players.

It all started when Houston’s Tracy McGrady ran down the court, a three-pointer in tow. Just before the shot, Barnes threw Rockets PG Rafer Alston down to the ground. After the play, with 27.6 seconds left in the quarter, Alston came back and got in Barnes’ face in an attempt to retaliate for the shove.

McGrady came in to defend his teammates and shoved Suns guard Steve Nash to the ground. Big Cactus Shaquille O’Neal immediately rushed in and pushed McGrady.

When Barnes was later asked about Alston’s reaction after the game, he said “I don’t really know what he was thinking, he thinks he’s tough so … I don’t know really. He ran up on me, and, it was really just a bunch of pushes. No one threw any punches, no one did anything serious. But the refs had to get control of the game so they figured throwing us out would do that.”

Luckily for Ron Artest who gets tech’d up just for walking down the court these days, he was on the bench throughout the melee. Houston escaped with a 94-82 win over the Suns.

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5 Comments on “2 Ejections, 3 Technical Fouls in Rockets – Suns Brawl (Ron Artest Not Involved)”

  1. duke Says:

    What the fuck was Nash thinking getting in the middle of that?

  2. Blu Says:

    skip ran up on matt barnes. that shit was so fucking exciting!

  3. meekah Says:

    Yeah that shit surprised me too. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

  4. nbametal Says:

    craaaaaazy action! Nash wasn’t lookin to start anything either, I think he just came over to try and break stuff up b4 TMac just comes barrelling in, funniest was when Shaq comes over and just pushes everyone outta the way, hahah. Btw, thanks for putting me in the blog roll man! I didn’t even notice that, I’ll be sure to put you in mine but why didn’t you tell me???

  5. meekah Says:

    ^^Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, that was a crazy game. The rockets have had a couple of those this season and we’re only 7 games in.

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