Hang in There, Pistons, McDyess is on His Way Back


The Nuggets waived Antonio McDyess one week after they stole him from Detroit along with Chauncey Billups and that other guy whose name I could never pronounce (Cheikh Samb) in a swap for Allen Iverson.

McDyess hasn’t played in any games for the Nuggets since the trade.The 34-year-old forward has averaged 13.4 points and 7.7 rebounds per game in 12 seasons.

The Pistons have been struggling since the Iverson trade (they’re 0-2 with AI). McDyess could help spring them back on track when he finally makes a U-Turn for Detroit next month. Fingers crossed.

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One Comment on “Hang in There, Pistons, McDyess is on His Way Back”

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