My Big 3 is Better Than Your Big 3

Celtics Big 3

I imagine that’s what Celtics fans are saying to Rockets fans after last night’s game. In case you were busy watching the presidential election or something, the Celtics handed Rockets their first loss of the season 103 – 99. (Whoever decided that they should play this game on election night needs to be fired.)

Ray Allen was on fiyah!

Motivated to compensate for a loss at Indiana three days earlier, the Celtics took control for long stretches, leading by as many as 15 in the first half, then holding off the Rockets on the shooting of Ray Allen, who scored a season-high 29 points.

And Yao Ming left his A-game in the locker room

Celtic center Kendrick Perkins (15 points, 4 blocks) outdueled Yao Ming (8 points), his aggressiveness and quickness keying the Celtic inside game early and his outside shooting providing the finishing touch after some exceptional ball movement.

Ray Allen also weighed on Barack Obama’s victory, calling it a “historic moment”

“This is going to make this country better. [Barack Obama] showed it doesn’t matter where you come from, who your parents are, if you work hard, Obama became president, and that’s what this signifies.”

All in all, it was a hard fought game and the better of the Big 3 (for now) prevailed. Watch out, though. The Rockets could be a threat in the West once they figure out how best to play together and if T-Mac and Yao stay healthy.

Celtics Fend Off Rockets [Boston Globe]

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One Comment on “My Big 3 is Better Than Your Big 3”

  1. noto Says:

    celtics all day

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