Ron Artest Predicts Rockets Championship

I can’t fault part-time rapper and full-time baller Ron Artest for saying he’s ready to win a championship. We have enough weapons in our arsenal to make a deep run, if everyone stays healthy. Besides, that’s probably what it’s going to take for people to stop bringing up that brawl every other sentence. That said, we all know how guarantees usually end up in professional sports.

A few more clips on the Artest trade below.

Ron responds to Yao’s remarks on team chemistry

Jeff Van Gundy likes the trade. “I think the Rockets, along with the Lakers and the Celtics, have the best talent in the league.” Why did we fire Jeff again?

I have a strong feeling that this trade will trigger a flurry of similar trades in, especially in the west, the same way Gasol’s addition to the Lakers forced the likes of Suns and Mavs to make some big moves last season. It’s going to be an exciting season. I can’t wait.

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